Xbox Alpha Update Lets You Track How Much Time You’ve Spent On Your Favorite Game From The Guide

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A new update is out now for Xbox alpha testers that adds one commonly requested feature. The ability to track detailed stats like precisely how many hours you’ve spent playing Destiny or any other game is now available directly from the Guide.

With the update applied, users will find that the Game Activity tab from the Guide now displays not only stats about Achievements but also new information like your specific play time “and more” depending on the particular game. The specific amount of time spent playing a game was already already from deeper within the Xbox menus, but it looks like this is the first time it’s directly accessible up from from the Guide.

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New Xbox features are normally released first to Xbox Insider testers and then widely to everyone pending testing, so if all goes well, it shouldn’t be long before this feature debuts for everyone.

The latest alpha tester update also added Xbox Cloud Gaming support for some users on console. Microsoft deployed this feature to a random group of users recently, letting members stream supported titles instead of downloading them.

In other Xbox news, the new Halo Infinite Big Team Battle beta test is going on now through Sunday, letting everyone on Xbox (and many people on PC) check out the new 12v12 mode for the first time. For more, check out GameSpot’s rundown of the Halo Infinite beta’s schedule and how to download it.

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