Valheim’s Hearth & Home Content Still On Track For Q3 2021 Release

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After addressing several technical issues, Valheim developer Iron Gate Studio has provided an update on the upcoming Hearth & Home expansion that will be available in Q3 2021. Originally delayed so that technical issues in the game could be fixed, the team explained that Hearth & Home content is still on track for a release in the current quarter.

“We’re still on track to deliver the update this very quarter, and as always, thank you for your kindness and patience,” the team wrote on Valheim’s Steam store page. “Your response to our roadmap post in June was super supportive, and the questions that came through in the Reddit AMA gave us lots of inspiration for future updates.”

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Iron Gate provided a sneak peek at what the new content will look like with a small haul of loot kept securely hoarded away.

Valheim's Hearth & Home content
Valheim’s Hearth & Home content
Now with dragon security
Now with dragon security

The team also announced that it’s expanding next month, adding a new programmer, animator, and a QA Manager to its staff. After Hearth & Home arrives, Iron Gate Studio will move on to focus on the big Mistlands update and the production of smaller Valheim patches. Some of those fixes arrived last month, as a new update addressed a save bug issue that was erasing entire worlds and characters.

Valheim has been one of the biggest success stories of 2021 so far, as the popular Norse multiplayer game has sold 6.8 million copies as of March 31, an impressive feat considering that the game is currently only available on PC.

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