Tribes Of Midgard Devs Help Plant 40,000 Trees To Celebrate Player Milestones

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Developer Norsefell Games and publisher Gearbox Publishing have linked up with a nonprofit to plant 40,000 trees in celebration of Tribes of Midgard’s success, which has been downloaded over 250,000 times since its launch.

In a press release announcing the news, the duo said that in the three days after the action-RPG dropped on July 27, Tribes of Midgard became the ninth-most-watched game on Twitch with 100,000 concurrent viewers. Another milestone that has been surpassed: Players have defeated over 40,000 Jötnar, groups of Jötun (or giants), that roam the game’s world.

To celebrate that latter accomplishment, Norsefell and Gearbox have announced a partnership with One Tree Planted, a Vermont-based nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation efforts. The three will plant some 40,000 trees, though when and where they will be planted remains undisclosed.

We’ve reached out to Norsefell Games and will update if we hear back.

In other Tribes of Midgard news, the game received an update on July 29 that makes some gameplay adjustments like increasing the effects of Alvis Hammer II’s healing spell. There are also quality-of-life improvements, such as making the Blessing menu accessible through the B key on the keyboard.

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