The Mystery Of CoD: Warzone’s Loud Shipping Containers Is Finally Revealed

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Today’s blog post from Activision reveals more information about Warzone’s upcoming map changes with Season 6, and the details finally make sense of Verdansk’s obnoxiously loud shipping container structures.

The Season 6 intro trailer recently revealed Alder to be a brainwashed agent, showing him responsible for massive explosions that will alter the Verdansk map’s landscape with seismic bombs that topple buildings. And today, we have a little more information about this major destruction.

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It seems like Adler was trying to stop whatever Stitch was planning in Verdansk, so he set off several underground explosions that opened up giant cracks across the map. It’s still uncertain what Stitch was doing underneath Verdansk, but the blog reveals that the shipping container structures were hiding drills that have unearthed World War II-era bunkers, and players will be able to access them in Season 6. So, it seems that all the loud humming emitting from the structures was likely meant to tease the drilling of the new areas.

Warzone's new WWII bunker
Warzone’s new WWII bunker

There are several shipping container structures on the map, but players will have access to only three World War II bunkers. One is located near Radar Array and Bloc 15, another north of the electrical transformers in the Airport Maintenance area, and the third is north of the Silos at the Boneyard.

It’s likely we only have access to three bunkers because of the explosions set by Adler. In the cinematic trailer you can see the center point of the Stadium’s destruction is right where the shipping containers were stacked on the field. This also begs the question of what is so dangerous in these bunkers that Adler would blow up parts of Verdansk just to stop Stitch from getting down there?

Activision teases that the bunkers are worth a visit, encouraging players to “explore these bunkers long enough to potentially find an escape route to another area in Verdansk, or to see what secrets were buried underneath the city for decades…”

It’s uncertain what secrets players might uncover inside the bunkers, but it could possibly tie into a new Easter egg quest. The escape routes mentioned could be Verdansk’s currently closed off mining tunnels, which were also previously teased by Activision way back at the launch of Verdansk ’84.

Downtown Verdansk in Season 6
Downtown Verdansk in Season 6

Additionally, players can expect quite a bit of change on the map. The explosions have toppled several buildings in Downtown Verdansk, leaving mostly rubble and very few rooftop sniper points. There’s a massive fissure running northwest to east that completely swallowed the apartments near the Big Bloc tenements, the Grand Hotel, and the Verdansk Museum of Art.

The fissure at Stadium didn’t completely destroy the point of interest, but the arena is now split nearly in half by the giant crack. There’s also a shallow crack south of the Array, but it mostly seems to offer additional cover when running through that open area of the map.

These are definitely the most drastic map changes we’ve seen with Verdansk, and hopefully there is something interesting hiding inside those World War II bunkers as Warzone closes out the Cold War content with this final season. Season 6 launches on October 7 for Warzone, and later this year players can expect a new Warzone map with Vanguard integration.

In other Warzone news, Activision revealed Season 6’s battle pass details, which include plenty of cosmetics, two new weapons, and operator skins for Alex Mason.

All of this Call of Duty content continues as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over alleged harassment and discrimination against women.

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