The Elder Scrolls 6 Is In The “Design” Phase, Todd Howard Says

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Bethesda Game Studios is currently working on Starfield for release in 2022, with The Elder Scrolls VI to come sometime later. Very little is known about the follow-up to the wildly popular Skyrim, but now Bethesda boss Todd Howard has shared a morsel of news about how it’s progressing and what game engine it will use.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Howard said The Elder Scrolls VI will use Bethesda’s new Creation Engine 2 technology which is “like a new tech base” for both games.

The “vast majority” of developers at BGS are currently focused on Starfield currently, but Howard said, “Everybody works on everything so the projects [Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI] kind of intertwine.”

Overall, Howard said The Elder Scrolls VI remains in the “design” phase of its development. The team is currently considering the technical requirements of the game, and this is expected to include some advancements to Creation Engine 2 on top of what is needed for Starfield.

“It’s good to think of The Elder Scrolls VI as still being in a design [phase]… but we’re checking the tech: ‘Is this going to handle the things we want to do in that game?’ Every game will have some new suites of technology so Elder Scrolls VI will have some additions on to Creation Engine 2 that that game is going to require,” Howard said.

Starfield is slated for release on November 11, 2022, and Howard is confident that the game won’t be delayed beyond that. No release date has been set for The Elder Scrolls VI.

The Starfield trailer released during E3 2021 may contain a clue about The Elder Scrolls VI, according to eagle-eyed fans, but officially, Bethesda has not shared any specifics about the setting or any story details for the title.

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