The Best Fortnite Crossover Skins So Far

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The list of the best Fortnite crossovers is long and getting longer all the time. The Fortnite we know today is defined as much by its licensed crossovers as it is its gameplay. Once upon a time, this was a battle royale game with a unique building mechanic trying to make a splash in an emerging genre. But today, in a world where every competitive shooter (and beyond) seems to have its own battle royale mode, only one of them has also become the central junction where all major pop culture properties converge.

Fortnite is a special type of game that has invited all brands, even competitors like Marvel and DC, to collide in one massive party of properties like nothing we’ve ever seen before. But which of its many crossovers are the best? That’s what we’re here to figure out. Behold our list of the best Fortnite crossovers so far.

The Walking Dead

Me buying every Walking Dead skin:
Me buying every Walking Dead skin: “This is how we live now.”

Just in time for Halloween 2020, and then again in 2021, three of The Walking Dead’s biggest heroes came to the game and gave horror fans something to cheer for. Rick, Michonne, and Daryl each sport their likenesses from AMC’s series rather than the comics–which is good news for Daryl fans, since he’s not in the comics and would’ve been excluded. With the show set to wrap up its final season in 2022, it feels like a safe bet that we’ll get Negan next fall.

Resident Evil

You want STARS? I'll give you STARS!
You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS!

The Resident Evil crossover was a huge deal not just because it was the debut of Chris and Jill in Fortnite, but also because it didn’t leak. Virtually everything in Fortnite leaks, especially the Item Shop additions, but Epic and Capcom were able to keep this one under wraps right up until its arrival. Each hero sports styles matching their first and most recent series appearances, so Resident Evil fans old and new have something to cheer for.


The Dark Knight has more variants than any single licensed character in Fortnite.
The Dark Knight has more variants than any single licensed character in Fortnite.

The long line of superheroes in Fortnite is well-known, especially if we’re talking Marvel skins, but no single hero or villain has more variants than The Dark Knight. Currently, he’s up to five including three Fortnite original styles, plus styles modeled after Scott Snyder’s The Batman Who Laughs story arc and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It feels like we’re not done yet either, so stay tuned for the next rendition of DC’s fan-favorite hero.


The Mistborn crossover is a Donald Mustard favorite.
The Mistborn crossover is a Donald Mustard favorite.

When Kelsier arrived in the Item Shop, many people understandably asked, “Who?” But here’s why the Mistborn crossover is cool: It signals that Fortnite is open to incorporating a lot more than just the peak of pop culture. Mistborn is a beloved fantasy book series, but it’s not exactly on the level of a Lord of the Rings or A Song of Ice and Fire. Therefore, if even Mistborn is big enough for Fortnite, a heck of a lot else may pop up someday. Then again, this is also just a Donald Mustard favorite, so maybe that was the decided factor here.


Aloy arrived during the hunting-focused Season 6, which was simply perfect.
Aloy arrived during the hunting-focused Season 6, which was simply perfect.

There have been a lot of gaming crossovers in Fortnite lately. The arrivals of Master Chief and Kratos seemed to open the floodgates. While we’re still waiting for other possible gaming heroes like Joel Miller, Samus, and Nathan Drake, we can already celebrate the awesome Aloy skin from Horizon. Her complete set also includes her makeshift staff and a Glinthawk glider, bringing a great deal of the futuristic dystopia right into Fortnite.

Rocket League

We can expect a new Rocket League crossover every year.
We can expect a new Rocket League crossover every year.

I don’t know about you, but the day Epic bought Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League, my son and I were simply counting the days until the inevitable Rocket League X Fortnite crossover. Since then, we’ve already had multiple, and today it appears as though Llama-Rama will become the annual crossover event between two of Epic’s biggest free-to-play games. With cool battle-car back bling in Fortnite and a Battle Bus vehicle in Rocket League, this is a rare crossover event that spills rewards into both properties.

Marvel’s Nexus War

To date, we've never seen anything quite like the all-Marvel Season 4.
To date, we’ve never seen anything quite like the all-Marvel Season 4.

This list isn’t ranked, but if it was laid out in order of importance, this may be #1. Marvel’s Nexus War was the theme for Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite. For the first time ever, an entire seasonal battle pass and island makeover was part of a licensed crossover. The all-Marvel season remains a fan favorite today due to its memorable boss battles, its incredible mythic weapons, and its epic final showdown with Galactus. Though it’s worth noting that Galactus didn’t seem to be defeated for good…

John Wick

Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back to spending V-Bucks.
Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back to spending V-Bucks.

The Fortnite John Wick skin is a great example of Fortnite’s skyrocket ride to the top of the pop culture landscape. Long before Epic got Keanu’s likeness and character’s name into Fortnite, the company made its own character, Reaper, who was clearly based on the famed action hero and vengeance-seeker. Like Star-Lord’s Trash Lord, the real John Wick’s arrival in Fortnite signaled a changing tide. Suddenly, Epic could throw its weight around and attract official partnerships rather than wink at players in the Item Shop. Since then, we’ve seen so many crossovers and really no more off-brand copies.


The first major sports crossover has led the way for more.
The first major sports crossover has led the way for more.

The NFL crossover was another huge moment back in Chapter 1 because it laid the foundation for how Epic could serve all sports fanbases into the future. By allowing different human models and giving all buyers unending access to all 32 teams, it meant Fortnite players weren’t tied to a particular team jersey or even jersey number. If you bought a Brady-like avatar before he migrated from Foxboro to Tampa Bay, your Fortnite skin wouldn’t suffer. You could customize the character on demand. It’s the same successful system we’ve seen Epic use with the more recent NBA crossover too.


Finally, a Ferrari I can afford.
Finally, a Ferrari I can afford.

Sure, character skins are cool, but what about car skins? That’s essentially what the introduction of the Ferrari meant for Fortnite back in Chapter 2, Season 7. But more than just a basic paint job, the Ferrari totally replaced Fortnite’s fastest car, the Whiplash, in both looks and sound. This was a complete overhaul of the already great car. While this was only a timed partnership and the Whiplash has returned, we fully expect more licensed car crossovers to happen in the future too.

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