Sports Story Developer: “Everything Is Coming Together Now”

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Sidebar Games, the developer of Golf Story and the upcoming Sports Story, has provided a very brief update on the upcoming RPG. Sidebar Games put out two tweets, the first one stating “Sports Story Update: Everything is coming together now. Please look forward to more updates going forward, we have much to share!”

The second tweet has a screenshot of what appears to be an in-game tennis training game, where the player hits a tennis ball off a brick wall with the caption “Everybody wants to know the first step to turning pro. Wall Bounders is that first step.”

Sports Story was originally announced as a 2020 title but was delayed due to it becoming “more ambitious” than the developer had originally planned. Sidebar Games did not give a new release window when it made the delay and has not announced when it intends to release the game. However, Sidebar Games publicly stating that the game is coming together the week before E3 makes it seem like an announcement may be imminent. Considering that Golf Story was an indie darling on the Nintendo Switch when it launched in 2017, it is possible that Sports Story could appear at Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation on June 15.

Sports Story was one of GameSpot’s most anticipated titles of 2020 (back when we thought its release was imminent following its announcement) and while we don’t yet know when the game will release, we do know that Sidebar Games is making good progress.

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