Shadow Royale Is Back In Apex Legends For The Next Week

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Apex Legends’ Monsters Within Halloween event is in its last week, which means Shadow Royale is coming back. The game mode returns from last year’s Halloween event and comprises of a squads mode where eliminated players can hang around as zombie-like Shadows to help their living teammates.

In Shadow Royale, players who are killed are able to stay in the game, as long as at least one of their other teammates is still properly alive. The eliminated players become Shadows, who only have the ability to use melee attacks, but do acquire the ability to wallrun Titanfall-style. Squads are only eliminated when all members of their team have become Shadows. Shadow Royale is live in the game now, and will run until November 2.

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This week also marks the start of the final rewards track for the Monsters Within event, which will reward successful players with an epic gun charm and an epic Loba skin. Running at the same time as the Halloween event is a mini sale celebrating Dia De Los Muertos, with themed bundles and limited-time items available in the in-game store.

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