Resident Evil Village Multiplayer, RE:Verse, Will Release Next Month

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Capcom announced that Resident Evil RE: Verse, the competitive multiplayer title, will launch next month. The multiplayer-only title was included with Resident Evil Village but was delayed. Capcom did not give a specific date during the presentation.

RE: Verse is a competitive third-person shooter, where players can control their favorite heroes and bioweapons from throughout Resident Evil’s history. The game has had a number of beta periods prior to release. It features characters like Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jack Baker, and many more.

It was recently announced that Resident Evil Village had sold 4 million copies, each one including a copy of RE: Verse. This is the second Resident Evil game in a row to include an entirely separate multiplayer game based on the IP. Resident Evil Remake 3 included Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical multiplayer mode where four survivors faced off against one master mind.

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