PS5 Balenciaga Clothing Collection Costs More Than A PS5

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Balenciaga, the luxury fashion company, has released a small collection of PS5-themed clothing, with several items costing more than the PS5 itself. The lineup consists of two shirts (one red, one black), a black jacket, socks, and a hat.

The shirts feature the PS5 logo on the front with “Nov 2020” below that to commemorate the launch date of the PS5. On the back of the shirts is “Balenciaga” in the PlayStation font with the same logo from the front below that. The shirts cost $675 apiece, which is $175 over the price of the standard PS5 (assuming you can find a PS5 in stock). The jacket features the same text as the shirts on the front and back, with the PlayStation face buttons on one sleeve and the “Balenciaga” PlayStation font logo on the other sleeve. The jacket costs $875, nearly $300 above the standard PS5 console. The socks are priced at $150, while the baseball cap goes for $495.

While a ton of Balenciaga clothing costs more than the PS5, it still feels hard to justify buying a shirt for a video game console that costs more than the console itself. You can take a look at the PS5 Balenciaga clothing below.

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The collection is available on the Balenciaga website and, just like the PS5, there is limited stock of the clothing. This isn’t the first time Sony and PlayStation have teamed up with another brand to create clothing. Earlier this year Sony announced the PS5 Nike sneakers, which did not cost more than the PS5. In other gaming and clothing crossovers, Puma x NBA 2K21 Court Rider sneakers have been added to the game prior to release in retail stores.

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