Pokemon Teams Up With Universal Studios Japan For “Groundbreaking Entertainment”

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It looks like a Pokemon theme park could be in the works, or at least that might be a possibility further down the road, as The Pokemon Company and Universal Studios Japan have announced a new creative partnership.

The deal was announced on Wednesday. According to Kotaku’s translation, The Pokemon Company and Universal Studios Japan are entering into a “long-term partnership to jointly explore groundbreaking entertainment that will immerse guests into the world of Pokemon with innovative technology and creativity beginning in 2022.”

Universal Studios Japan president J.L. Bonnier added: “We are honored to have a long-term partnership with The Pokemon Company while developing groundbreaking Pokemon entertainment at Universal Studios Japan for both Pokemon fans and our guests. The globally popular Pokemon characters combined with Universal’s innovative approach to creating authentic and one-of-a-kind theme park entertainment promise excitement for the entire family.”

The announcement was light on specifics, so we don’t know yet if Universal Studios Japan will create a Pokemon area of the park like it did with Super Nintendo World.

The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara added: “The incredible team at Universal Studios Japan have the creative vision and leading expertise in world-class theme park technology to imagine a uniquely Pokemon experience.”

A Pokemon theme park would certainly be an exciting development, and it’s not a stretch to imagine how lucrative that could be for the stakeholders.

As for Super Nintendo World, the theme park area is now open at Universal Studios Japan, and there are plans to expand the scope of the park with a Donkey Kong area in 2024. Similar Super Nintendo World parks are currently under construction at Universal’s theme parks in Hollywood and Orlando. However, for the Pokemon/Universal deal, this was only announced for Universal Studios Japan.

2021 is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, and there are many celebrations planned.

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