Palworld Looks Like Pokemon With Guns And Savage Survival Gameplay

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Developer Pocketpair recently revealed Palworld, which at first glance looked like a game that was just legally distinct enough to not be confused for any of Nintendo’s Pokemon games. While Palworld features a number of colorful creatures with elemental powers that you can befriend, it also has something else up its metaphorical sleeves which you’ll never find in a Pokemon game: guns. Lots and lots of guns.

In the trailer above, Palworld looks like a bizarre crossover between Pokemon and The Purge thanks to the option to hunt down the wildlife of this world and turn them into your next meal. You can also turn your Pals into beasts of labor, using them to help you work your farm or even power your homestead if they happen to have biological electrical powers.

Even better, if you get into a firefight with rivals in the open world, you can grab a nearby definitely-not-a-Wooloo and use it as a makeshift shield. Just ignore its anguish over its luxurious fleece being turned into a bullet sponge;, this is what it is bred to do. And yes, you can be an even bigger monster than the totally-not-a-Gyrados that you’ll see in the trailer.

At least it can't get any worse
At least it can’t get any worse

“Don’t worry; labor laws won’t be applied to Pals,” Palworld’s description reads. “Endangered species Pals live in the hunting prohibited area. If you sneak in and catch them, you’ll get tons of money! It’s only illegal if you get caught.”

You’ll be able to use your captured Pals for indentured servitude, as they’ll work the assembly lines until they either run out of food or reach the end of their natural lifespans in your dystopian animal cruelty corporation.

It got worse
It got worse

Pocketpair is currently targeting a 2022 release date on PC via Steam for its multiplayer open-world survival crafting title.

If the content above is a little bit too grim, you can look forward to the Wholesome Direct showcase on June 12 feature more than 75 different games, including Ooblets and Moonglow Bay. For more on that event and everything else happening during a very busy week of gaming reveals, you can check out our E3 2021 schedule hub for more details.

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