Outriders Explores A New Horizon With Massive Free Update

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People Can Fly has shared the latest content coming to its popular loot-shooter Outriders, and those who have fallen off of the game may want to start playing again. The New Horizon update is a massive addition that is free to all players and intends to both attract new players and get lapsed ones back into the action.

New Horizon comes with what the developers are calling “Endgame 2.0,” which features four additional expedition maps and “no-timer” expeditions. There is also an improved loot drop system, a transmog system for changing how items look, and more–however, we are pretty sure you cannot decorate your house or bring fossils for Blathers to inspect.

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The untimed expedition choice is now the default, meaning finishing an expedition–even if it takes longer than you expected–will give you that expedition’s reward. Those rewards will also be “respectful of your time as a player,” so there is no need to rush through and not actually enjoy it.

To give you further reason to keep playing, an anti-duplication system has been implemented to make it less likely that you’ll get rewards you already have. The final “Eye of the Storm” mission lets you pick one of three Legendary gear pieces from the loot pool so you have a better chance of getting something you want.

Additionally, a small teaser for a full-fledged expansion called Worldslayer was shown during the presentation. People Can Fly isn’t saying much on the expansion yet, but it will release in 2022 and features the “biggest challenge to date.”

Outriders’ New Horizon update is out November 16. The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC, and it’s free on Xbox Game Pass.

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