Nintendo Switch OLED Dock Can Be Purchased By Itself

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The Nintendo Switch OLED model comes with a new dock that includes a built-in LAN port, and this new dock will be sold separately for anyone who wants it.

A spokesperson for Nintendo told Digital Trends that white and black versions of the dock will be sold through the Nintendo online store, but not at retail. The dock doesn’t come with an HDMI cable or an AC adapter, and it will be delivered in no special packaging. Pricing for the standalone dock was not divulged, nor was a release date.

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The regular Switch dock is available from the Nintendo store for $60.

The new docks from the OLED mode work with the standard Switch. It might be an attractive proposition for players who want to play or download games from a wired connection for presumably better, more consistent speeds. Nintendo does already sell a LAN adapter for the existing dock, but the built-in option could be considered more elegant. While the new OLED Switch dock has a LAN connection, it loses one of its USB ports, in case that matters to you.

The Nintendo Switch OLED launches on October 8 for $350 USD. The biggest new feature is its 7″ OLED screen, and it is seemingly aimed at people who really enjoy handheld mode. It is not the rumored “Pro” model that remains unannounced, though not ruled out.

For more, check out GameSpot’s video above where we discuss everything that’s new with the Nintendo Switch OLED. You can also read GameSpot’s breakdown of why the Switch OLED is coming now, featuring insights and analysis from video game analysts.

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