New Smash Bros. Amiibo Announced, Including Steve, Kazuya, Sephiroth, And More

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As part of the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, game director Masahiro Sakurai announced that even more Smash Bros. Amiibo figures are in the works.

Steve and Alex from Minecraft are getting their own Amiibo, with Steve’s figure scheduled for release in Spring 2022. Sakurai said he’s seen a mock-up of Steve’s Amiibo and believes it is “very much Steve.” The same goes for Alex, he said.

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Other Smash Bros. characters getting new Amiibo figures include Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya. However, there is no word yet on when they will release.

More Smash Bros. Amiibo are on the way
More Smash Bros. Amiibo are on the way

Tuesday’s Smash Bros. Direct also brought news of the final Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character, Sora, who joins the fight on October 18. There is a new stage, Hollow Bastion, as well as nine new music tracks from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Also launching on October 18 are new Mii Fighter costumes, including Doomslayer and multiple outfits based on Nintendo’s Splatoon series. Additionally, Nintendo announced that three more Kingdom Hearts games are coming to Nintendo Switch as cloud titles.

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