Monster Hunter Stories 2 Second Free Update Out On August 5

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The second free update for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin arrives on Nintendo Switch and PC on August 5. This update will introduce a new monster to hunt, the Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth, as well as another pair of Monstie companions.

Following the update, you’ll be able to take on Kulve Taroth in a Co-Op Expedition Quest. The new Monsties, meanwhile, are both variants of existing monsters: Hellblade Glavenus and Boltreaver Astalos.

Title Update 2 arrives only a couple of weeks after the game’s first update, which introduced the Palamute from Monster Hunter Rise as a Monstie. To collect a Palamute egg, you’ll need to obtain a Palamute Ticket (either by purchasing one from Melynx Inc. or completing the five-star quest called Throw Me a Bone) and use that to embark on a Palamute Den Expedition Quest.

Capcom has three more updates for Monster Hunter Stories 2 planned through the fall following next week’s patch. Title Update 3 releases in early September and adds three new Monsties: Soulseer Mizutsune, Elderfrost Gammoth, and Oroshi Kirin. Title Update 4 will follow later in the month and adds Dreadking Rathalos and Molten Tigrex, as well as a high difficulty version of the Kulve Taroth Co-Op Quest.

Finally, Title Update 5 will release sometime in October. That will also introduce two new Monsties–Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian–as well as an as-yet-unrevealed Co-Op Expedition Quest monster to battle. You can take a look at the Monster Hunter Stories 2 update roadmap above.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 launched on Switch and PC on July 9 and has been a sales success for Capcom so far, shipping more than one million copies. To celebrate the game’s launch, Capcom is giving away a free in-game item bundle for all players.

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