Life Is Strange: True Colors Trailer Shows Off Beautiful Haven Springs

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A new trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors gives us an introduction to Haven Springs, Colorado, a gorgeous mountain town where host Steph Gingrich tells us we’ll find “family” rather than mere friends.

Haven Springs’ aptly named Main St. features “all the action,” according to Gingrich. You’ll find a record shop, bike and ski shop, ice cream, flowers, and a townie bar called The Black Lantern. The bar not only features lots of locals to chat with but also some “classic” arcade game cabinets. An Arkanoid game is on display, as Taito is a Square Enix subsidiary now, and you can even play foosball or try out the jukebox.

If you’re into LARPing (live-action role-playing) and yelling “lightning bolt!” while throwing napkins at people, then you’ll be pleased to know Steph runs her own game with the locals, and she wants to get it up and running again for your visit. You’ll also be able to check out a spring festival featuring campfires and local music, which we’re guessing will include a sad Sufjan Stevens song if the past games are any indication.

While this introduction to Haven Springs is a pleasant and breezy one, Life is Strange: True Colors is going to be much darker when it comes to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia on September 10, and a remastered version of Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 comes with the Ultimate Edition. Unlike the previous games, the entire “season” will release at once, and a prequel comic is out next month. Using protagonist Alex’s psychic abilities, you’ll investigate the truth behind her brother Gabe’s death. Hey, wait a minute!

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