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The item attribute beneath each item page will show you the license that was applied to your item. This is what you can do and cannot do for each license.

  • Personal use is the restriction on using the item for commercial purposes or making money from it. You can use it for personal projects, such as making your own wedding invitations.
  • Commercial Use allows you to use the item in commercial projects, or to create a product for sale. You might not be allowed embed the item on a server or to use it in an application. Please contact the author to discuss such use.
  • 100% free This means you can use the item however you like; there is no limit.

It is forbidden to resell or redistribute items, even if they are free. You must link back to the item page if you wish to share the items.

All items downloaded from may be trademarked by their respective owners. Before you download any items, make sure to verify the license.