Knockout City Will Innovate On Its Storytelling And Develop Its Lore In Future Seasons

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Knockout City fans have noticed that there’s a narrative-driven conflict in the background of the dodgebrawl game. It’s an element of the game that will become more prominent going forward, as developer Velan Studios plans to innovate on Knockout City’s storytelling in future seasons.

“The fan base is asking for more lore and there are already really fun fan theories about the DJ on the moon and Malcolm Magpie,” Velan Studios CEO and co-founder Karthik Bala told me. “We always intended Knockout City to be ‘action in the foreground and narrative in the background.'”

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Similar to other online multiplayer games with prominent narrative elements like Apex Legends and Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Knockout City’s narrative supports its world building. According to Bala, it brings some internal consistency to everything.

“There’s a lot of visual storytelling and we’re doing some pretty cool things where the narrative supports the gameplay–but doesn’t get in the way,” Bala said. “There are clues already in Season 1–that players haven’t found yet–as to what’s coming in Season 2.”

“We’re also planning to introduce some new innovations to storytelling in future seasons that’s going to help us develop out the lore, which we think fans are going to love. It’s still 100% multiplayer action, but an interesting new way to build out more narrative around that action.”

For GameSpot’s Play For All, I sat down with Bala and his brother, Velan Studios president and co-founder Guha Bala, to talk about Knockout City Season 2 and the game’s upcoming limited-time Heatwave event, which kicks off June 22. You can watch our full conversation in the video embedded above.

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