Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Adds A Mini Halloween Update

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While Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ central narrative is already quite appropriate for Halloween on its own, the action-adventure game has added a mini Halloween scavenger hunt as part of its latest patch–along with the usual fixes and tweaks you may expect from a recently released title.

The new Halloween content consists of three new Halloween-themed hats hidden throughout the game, which will only be around until November 1. The seasonal addition only adds to a game that is already perfect to pick up over the Halloween weekend, with its tragic story of an abandoned village beset by corrupted spirits.

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“Kena: Bridge of Spirits uses a different perspective on familiar gameplay ideas to create tons of exciting combat and a deep emotional connection with its world,” Phil Hornshaw wrote for GameSpot’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits review, which scored the game 9/10.

Other than the temporary Halloween items, the latest patch 1.11 also adds a number of new quality-of-life changes including more auto-save slots and a photo mode roll, while the world map now keeps track of where items have already been collected.

You can check out the full patch notes for update 1.11 below:

Patch Notes- 1.11

  • Added support for more auto-save slots (5).
  • Added location thumbnails to save files.
  • Improved quality and increased resolution of images captured with photo mode.
  • Added roll functionality to photo mode.
  • Photo mode now crops images to match the selected format.
  • Added ability to display collected items on the world map.
  • Added Meditation Spot tracking per region on the world map.
  • Improved ultrawide support on PC.
  • Fixed bugs related to save game state.
  • Fixed small Rot animation related bugs.
  • Animation, audio mixing and music bug fixes.
  • Fixed bugs relating to missing collectables and lost owl statues.
  • Reduced tracking on certain enemy and boss attacks.
  • Crash fixes.

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