Is Nintendo Going To Have An E3 Direct?

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E3 is just around the corner in mid-June, and that’s led many fans to wonder if Nintendo is going to host a special Nintendo Direct to go along with the usual onslaught of gaming news. While Nintendo has foregone the usual blockbuster press conferences to focus on a pre-recorded Direct, we do know that Nintendo is going to be a part of the E3 event sometime between June 12 to 15.

That’s because unlike Sony, Nintendo is still an official partner of the ESA, meaning that it’s going to participate in the event proper, which runs during those dates. Again, we don’t know for sure that Nintendo will hold a Direct at all, but we know it’s going to do something in that time range, so keep your eyes peeled for it. You should be able to check out the hypothetical Direct right here at GameSpot, as well as Nintendo’s official social media channels on Twitch and YouTube.

Though Nintendo did not end up doing an E3 2020 Direct due to the impact of the coronavirus, the company’s E3 2019 Direct came on June 11, the first day of the conference. In terms of what to expect from the Direct, rumors and analysis have suggested that the company may announce a Switch Pro or some other new hardware revision of its successful console as the big headline. A recent report suggested that the Switch Pro could even be announced before E3 begins.

We may also see footage from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, perhaps the most anticipated game for the Switch. For more on E3 2021, check out our official schedule and list of participants, as well as our guide to the games and announcements we really want to see this year.

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