Iron Galaxy Hires Rejess Marshall As New Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Boss

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Iron Galaxy Studios has hired Rejess Marshall to become its new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) boss. In the role of DEI & Access Program Manager at Iron Galaxy, Marshall will “help continue to drive and implement creative, sustainable, and innovative programs that support [the] company’s overall strategic DEI efforts” as the team creates its new original multiplayer melee combat game that’s in the works for console and PC.

“Her first steps in her new position will be getting acquainted with her teammates and developing a greater understanding for how Iron Galaxy can improve its approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” reads a line from Iron Galaxy’s announcement.

Rejess Marshall
Rejess Marshall

Iron Galaxy co-CEO Chelsea Blasko said in a statement that the management team at the studio is focused on hiring diverse staff and creating an environment in which developers can “be their authentic selves.”

“We have expanded rapidly to more than 200 members over the past year in preparation for the development of our new IP, and quickly recognized the need for a standalone role to ensure we give this important function the attention it deserves,” Blasko said. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have someone with Rejess’ pedigree spearheading our efforts.”

Marshall previously worked as an ambassador for the LGBTQ+ employee resource group at the insurance company Progressive. She holds an MBA from Georgia State University and was awarded the Michael Jay Jedel Award for human resource management.

“I am so honored to join the team at Iron Galaxy, which has already developed amazing programs including diversity scholarships and donating to causes that impact the community, to help create a DEI policy that will serve as a guide for the larger gaming industry,” Marshall said. “As a black, queer woman, I understand how intersecting identities can create workplace barriers, preventing upward mobility. By addressing pay inequity, retention of diverse employees, and employee support and exploring potential partnerships and collaborations with technology and gaming social impact organizations, I look forward to continuing to build an environment where everyone truly feels valued.”

Iron Galaxy is known primarily for its work on ports, most recently partnering with Blizzard on the Nintendo Switch edition of Overwatch. The studio also makes its own original games, and some of its releases included Divekick and Extinction. As mentioned earlier, Iron Galaxy is now developing a melee-focused multiplayer game that is a new IP.

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