Inscryption Caged Wolf Guide – How To Find The Card And Solve The Knife Puzzle

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While most of Inscryption is spent battling through its deck-building card game, every so often, your wins and losses will give you new insights into solving the puzzles scattered around the cabin around you. If you want to escape the spooky opponent you’re facing in the game–and the grisly fate that awaits if you lose–you’ll need to make progress in investigating the room around you between matches.

Once you’ve unlocked the safe and solved the slide puzzles, your next goal is to uncover the mystery of the Caged Wolf. You’ll see the Caged Wolf statue on one of the shelves in the cabin, and figuring out how to uncage it leads you to a new item, the Knife, and one step closer to your escape.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to find the Caged Wolf, what to do with it once you have it, and what secrets the Knife will help you unveil. If you want more help with Inscryption, check out our beginner tips guide that’ll help you get the hang of the card game and Inscryption’s many secrets.

Where To Find The Caged Wolf Card

Solve the slide puzzles to open the drawers in this chest, where you'll find the Caged Wolf card.
Solve the slide puzzles to open the drawers in this chest, where you’ll find the Caged Wolf card.

As you’re wandering around the cabin between card games, you’ll probably notice a wooden wolf statue on one of the shelves. The statue is trapped in a cage, suggesting you’ll need to get it out. To do that, though, you’ll need something else: the Caged Wolf Card.

To get it, you’ll first need to complete two other puzzles in the cabin. First, you’ll need to open the safe–it’s pretty simple, but if you’re stuck, check out our Inscryption safe guide. Opening the safe will get you a key, which you can then use to unlock a nearby wooden chest. Inside are four drawers, each locked with a puzzle that’s based on the card game you’ve been playing all along.

The card game slide puzzles are a little more complex than the safe solution was, and you’ll want to be familiar with the rules of the card game before you dive into trying to solve them. For some tips on how those work, check out our Inscryption slide puzzles guide.

Solve the puzzle for the bottom-left drawer and, inside, you’ll find the Caged Wolf card. It’ll be added to your deck, and the next step of the puzzle requires you to use it. Head back to the card table.

Free The Caged Wolf

The Caged Wolf can't fight back, but it can block. You'll need to run down all its health to free it.
The Caged Wolf can’t fight back, but it can block. You’ll need to run down all its health to free it.

Next, you’ll just need to play the card game portion of Inscryption for a while until your opportunity arises. Wait until you draw the Caged Wolf, then play it on the board. The card has no attack power, but six health points, making it somewhat useful as a blocker. That’s exactly what you want to do with it, in fact.

You’ll get some dialogue from the Stoat and the Stink Bug hinting at the Caged Wolf’s deal. You need to bust the wolf out of its cage, and to do that, you need to use it to block your opponent’s cards so it absorbs damage. Try to use it in a scenario where the enemy has something pretty strong on the board, because otherwise, you might be waiting a while for the Caged Wolf’s health to be whittled down.

Normally, when a card’s health hits zero, that card dies, but in the case of the Caged Wolf, the cage is broken. In exchange for the Caged Wolf card, you’ll get a regular Wolf card. Finish your battle, then get up from the table.

Grab The Wolf Statue

Once you've destroyed the cage for the Caged Wolf card, you'll also be able to claim the Wolf statue.
Once you’ve destroyed the cage for the Caged Wolf card, you’ll also be able to claim the Wolf statue.

Head over to the wall beside your opponent and you’ll find that the wooden Wolf statue, previously in a metal cage, is now free as well. Pick up the statue and turn right to take it to the corner. Here, you’ll find a wooden Squirrel statue and an empty spot beside it. Put the Wolf statue in the empty spot, which will cause the Squirrel to release a new item for you: the Knife. Grab it and it’ll be added to your inventory on the table.

So What Does The Knife Do?

You might want to figure this part out for yourself. But if not, keep reading.

The Knife is a lot like the Pliers item, which allows you to swing a card battle in your favor. With the Pliers, you’re able to rip out one of your own teeth and add it to the scales, giving you a point of damage in your favor when you might need one. The Knife has a similar effect, but the gains are much bigger–when you use it, you’ll cut out your own eye and add that to the scales. Your eye is pretty heavy, turns out, counting for something like four points of damage, which can be enough to save a losing match.

Even if you don’t need a big swing on the scales, though, you’ll want to use the Knife at least once for the sake of solving the next puzzle. Just make sure you win the match when you use the Knife (or have a lit candle to save you if you lose). Afterward, your opponent will offer you several other eyes you can use to replace the one you lost. Choose the one with the glowing rings on it, which will allow you to see some things in the cabin that were previously hidden from you.

Your next step is to solve the mystery of cuckoo clock–check out our Inscryption cuckoo clock guide for more info.

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