How To Open Halo Infinite Loot Caves

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In Halo Infinite, loot caves might just flip a round of Stockpile, CTF, or another Big Team Battle mode in your favor. Giving your team access to a wide range of weapons and equipment as well as a uniquely hard-to-reach vantage point, these loot caves are rare at launch, but critically important. Here’s how to get into Halo loot caves, plus what you’ll find inside of them.

Halo Infinite: how to get into loot caves

Here's what a Halo Infinite loot cave entrance looks like when locked.
Here’s what a Halo Infinite loot cave entrance looks like when locked.

We’re in the early days of Halo Infinite, and right now there appears to be only one map with Halo loot caves to unlock. That map is the Fragmentation, which in public matchmaking is exclusive to Big Team Battle queues, as it’s one of the biggest maps in the game. There are two loot caves on the map, placed on opposite ends of the outdoor combat arena, but you’ll know one when you see one because they look the same on both ends. What you’re looking for is a rather out-of-place sci-fi-like door carved into the natural terrain. When you first approach it, it’ll be lit red with a console nearby built to house your AI companion while you hack the locked door.

Interact with the console to begin a 20-second hacking timer. As soon as it’s finished, the door will change from red to blue and automatically open wide. Head on in to find yourself with a sudden embarrassment of riches. Lined on the walls will be several types of guns, while on the floors shall sit different types of grenades and power weapons and gadgets. Nowhere else on the map can you find this much firepower so close together, which makes it easy for you and your whole squad to set off the best guns in Halo Infinite, not to mention the best equipment too.

Hacking a loot cave takes 20 seconds, so hunker down and defend your position.
Hacking a loot cave takes 20 seconds, so hunker down and defend your position.


To best use loot caves, open them when teammates are nearby, and coordinate when you’ll enter and exit so no one gets locked out of enjoying the cornucopia of guns and gadgets. That way, you’ll all loot up and load out as a unit ready to ragdoll any enemies you come across.

One last note: While loot caves appear to be found only on the Fragmentation map for now, we’re still investigating the keypads that can be found and toyed with on various maps, such as the one shown above on Bazaar. The messages on their panels can change between “active” and “inactive,” but we’ve not yet determined if there’s more to them than a bit of interactivity–it very well may just be that.

Something bizarre can be found in Halo's Bazaar.
Something bizarre can be found in Halo’s Bazaar.

We’ll keep bringing you Halo Infinite tips, secrets, and highlights as we discover them.

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