How To Complete Forsaken Main Easter Egg In CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s final Zombies map, Forsaken, has arrived with Season 6, and this new round-based map brings the conclusion to Cold War’s Dark Aether narrative. As usual with the release of a standard map, players can complete a series of steps for a storyline quest on Forsaken to unlock an ending cutscene.

Here’s our full guide to completing the Forsaken main Easter egg quest:

Step 1: Lift Lockdown and PAP

Your first priority when spawning into the map is completing Forsaken’s main objective of reaching the Observation Tower and lifting the lockdown of the facility. You’ll need to lift the lockdown to access new areas, use the Pack-a-Punch machine, and complete the arcade side Easter egg quests. Forsaken is a bit different from previous maps, and the rounds will continually progress until you take the first steps to leave the starting area. You’ll want to read our full guide on how to lift the lockdown as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Initiate A Cutscene

Now that you’ve ended the lockdown, move towards the windows of the Observation Tower and look for a red button to the right of a window with closed shutters. Press the red button and enjoy a cutscene. The events of the story cutscene will cause the map to change, spawning in three large Dark Aether crystals.

Do not shoot the three large crystals or their orbs until you have the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon. Shooting the orbs will start a later step and spawn infinite enemies, and you won’t be able to stop them from spawning until you complete this step with help of the Chrysalax. (This will be Step 5)

Step 3: Obtain the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon

Chrysalax Wonder Weapon
Chrysalax Wonder Weapon

As previously mentioned, you’ll need the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon to proceed in the main quest, so consider this as Step 3 and something to be working towards while continuing with the next few steps. There are a few different ways to get Forsaken’s new Dark Aether-themed Wonder Weapon, and here’s our guide on all the different ways you can get the Chrysalax.

Step 4: Gather Three Neutralizer Parts

You can grab these parts in any order, but I recommend waiting to do the Fuel Tank step until you have a decent weapon and essential perks like Juggernog and Quick Revive. The Chrysalax makes this step really easy to survive.

Fuel Tank: Head to the Fuel Processing area of the map, which is where you originally repaired the broken teleporter when lifting the lockdown. Here you’ll need to interact with the glowing panel of buttons on one of the fuel cylinders to activate a lockdown sequence. Lockdown means you and any teammates will be trapped in the Fuel Processing area to survive a pretty intense wave of enemies.

Fuel Processing's button panels
Fuel Processing’s button panels

There are four different cylinders with the same panel of buttons. You can choose any of them if playing solo, but each player in your party must interact with a different one if you’re playing in co-op. You must also hit the buttons simultaneously. I recommend making sure everyone is paying attention and doing a 3, 2, 1 countdown. Otherwise, you fail the step. Then you’ll have to go to the next round before attempting this lockdown again.

Completing the lockdown will reward you with the Fuel Tank item. Make sure you pick it up.

Housing Unit: Next, you’ll need an Abomination to spawn. Lead the creature to the Board Room inside the Bunker. Here you’ll see a satellite dish hanging up in one corner of the room. You want to lead the Abomination in that direction, so eventually it charges at the wall and knocks down a part called the Housing Unit. Grab the part.

The corner of the Board Room where you need to stand and lure the Abomination
The corner of the Board Room where you need to stand and lure the Abomination

TV Part: You’ll need to pay the cost of 2,000 points at Pack-a-Punch to add the Deadwire mod to one of your weapons. Then head to the arcade and use the Deadwire weapon to electrocute a zombie near the Grand Prix arcade cabinet. This will then power up the arcade game, allowing you to pay 2,000 points to deploy and control an ARC-XD (Cold War’s remote-controlled car for Zombies) that you can use to destroy a vent in the TV Repair store.

Broken vent inside of TV Repair shop
Broken vent inside of TV Repair shop

You’ll need to quickly drive the car out of the arcade and across the street to the TV Repair. Drive behind the cashier’s counter. There’s a broken vent on the floor, and your car will pulse and knock the vent cover away. Drive all the way to the back of the vent and wait until the car detonates. This drops a TV part that you can then go and collect from the shop.

Step 5: Catalysed Crystals

Now you’ll need to have the Wonder Weapon to continue. You need to go to one of the three large Dark Aether crystals that originally spawned on the map after you initiated the cutscene. There are three crystal locations

  • Spawn area
  • Amplifier room
  • On the rooftop of the Main Street buildings

Each crystal has three purple orbs floating above it. You want to shoot all the orbs with the Chrysalax’s ranged attack and then smash the crystal with the Chrysalax’s melee attack. Smashing the crystal will spawn a crystal shard.

Large crystal with the floating orbs
Large crystal with the floating orbs

Once you shoot at an orb, Zombies and special enemies will keep spawning until you finish this step. So focus more on destroying the orbs to make the process faster.

Once you’ve smashed the crystal and the crystal shard spawns, an Abomination enemy will appear. You want to throw the crystal at the Abomination’s mouths. The Abomination will swallow the shard, and you’ll see its tail start glowing red. This means you can kill the creature and get a special Catalysed Crystal.

Abomination's tail glowing red after eating the shard
Abomination’s tail glowing red after eating the shard

You need to complete this process and collect the shards for all three crystals. Shoot the orbs, break the crystal, feed the shard to the Abomination, and kill the Abomination for the Catalysed Crystal.

Step 6: Build The Neutralizer

Main Street crafting bench for Neutralizer
Main Street crafting bench for Neutralizer

Now you’ve collected all the parts you need to build the Neutralizer. Go to the crafting bench on Main Street. Make sure you and any teammates are ready for the boss fight. A Pack-a-Punched Chrysalax is all you really need for this fight, but if a teammate doesn’t have one of their own, they’ll want a ranged Pack-a-Punched weapon like the M16 assault rifle and all the essential perks. Beyond this crafting step is the point of no return. Don’t activate this device until everyone is ready.

Step 7: Activate the Neutralizer

Once you activate the Neutralizer device, you’ll be set on a path towards the boss fight and there’s no going back. You must stay with the Neutralizer as it travels down the street. You’re basically stuck within this bubble, and you must escort it to the fight.

Orange crystals needed to refill power to the Neutralizer
Orange crystals needed to refill power to the Neutralizer

Occasionally the device will run out of power and stop, which requires you to break the orange crystals around you and collect the shards to power it back up again. Zombies will be constantly spawning, but it shouldn’t feel overwhelming as long as one person is using the Chrysalax.

Forsaken Boss Fight

Forsaken boss fight
Forsaken boss fight

Escorting the Neutralizer leads you to a closed door, and this will give you one last opportunity to resupply ammo, equipment, or any additional perks you can afford before the fight. Interacting with the closed door will commence the fight.

You’ll see Maxis gearing up to fight the Forsaken, but she needs your help to charge up two laser cannons. Zombies and special enemies will be spawning all around the area. You want to immediately run to Maxis and stand in her purple ring of fire. Killing enemies within the ring of fire will charge Maxis up and she’ll be able to power up one of the cannons. Once charged, she’ll move to the other end of the map, follow her and stay within the ring of fire to charge the second cannon.

Maxis in ring of fire
Maxis in ring of fire

You’ll notice the Forsaken has two bars above him. The blue is his shield and red is his health bar. He also has a piece of armor on each shoulder. You’ll need to fire your weapons on either the left or right shoulder until the armor is depleted. The gun version of the Chrysalax works really well here.

Once the armor is gone, use one of the cannons on the exposed shoulder. Repeat the process for the other shoulder. Use your weapons to destroy the armor, then use the other charged cannon on the exposed shoulder.

Destroying armor with gun variant of the Chrysalax
Destroying armor with gun variant of the Chrysalax

After doing enough damage to the second shoulder piece, you’ll get a cutscene and then drop back into the fight. Part two feels pretty much rinse and repeat; the only difference is now you’ll need to destroy the armor on his stomach piece first.

Charge up Maxis by killing in the ring of fire and getting both cannon’s powered up again, destroy the stomach armor with your weapons, then blast the stomach with the cannon. Repeat the process for the head armor. This will end the boss fight. It’s going to look like chaos is happening around you with lasers and everyone taking intense damage. Don’t panic when everyone gets knocked down. This is part of the story, and your Easter egg quest is complete. There will be a pretty lengthy cutscene that follows.

If you need the best weapons to defeat the undead, we have a Zombies recommended loadout guide, and Season 6 added the new Bladed Axe melee weapon.

This new Call of Duty content arrives as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over alleged harassment and discrimination against women.

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