Gran Turismo 7 Beta Reportedly Leaked On PlayStation Website

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A beta for Gran Turismo 7 has reportedly leaked via the PlayStation website. As reported by GTPlanet, the beta appears as part of Experience PlayStation, a promotional aspect of the PlayStation website that engages players with special promotions through quests and videos.

GameSpot was unable to verify this independently, but reports said the beta could be accessed by going to the “Start Quest” and “Related Campaigns,” where the “Italia Quest” could be accessed. The quest no longer appears on the Experience PlayStation page, which currently reads “Sorry! There are no quests available at this time!” There were four quests, one of which was called “Gran Turismo Beta (Test),” where after watching a short video players would receive a code for the beta test, however, it was instead just a placeholder code that didn’t work.

Despite the code not being live, this quest seems to indicate that there is a Gran Turismo 7 beta possibly coming in the future. The reward code specified that it was for “PS5 Only,” however that might just be because that beta code is only for PS5, since Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, said Gran Turismo 7 would be releasing on both PS4 and PS5. Gran Turismo 7 is set to release sometime in 2022 and the Experience PlayStation page did not indicate when the beta might go live.

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