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G4, the gaming-focused TV network that shut down in 2014, is coming back this November. The network has announced it will return on November 16, which is right smack in the middle of the busy holiday season. The announcement video is full of jokes about the past year in gaming, poking fun at how the Xbox Series X looks like a mini-fridge, the PS5 supply issues, and the Switch OLED not being the 4K upgrade some might have hoped for.

“But there’s one big announcement that gamers have been asking for because we’ve been stringing them along for freakin’ ever. The launch of G4. We’re committed for realzies,” the announcement trailer says.

The new version of G4 is bringing back original X-Play host Adam Sessler and Attack of the Show’s Kevin Pereira, while WWE’s Xavier Woods will host some segments, too. The full programming schedule is unknown at this point, but the “Sessler’s Soapbox” segment will return. New hosts Froskurinn and Ovilee May will run the segment called The Bleep Esports Show, which focuses on competitive gaming.

“This time around, we’re making content both FOR and WITH gaming’s biggest fans,” reads a line from G4’s description of its new iteration.

In terms of how you can watch the new version of G4, it will be available on “multiple digital and linear platforms.” It’s described as a “digital-first” channel, and one that will “look awesome, but also kind of low budget at the same time.”

You can watch G4 on linear TV through Verizon Fios, Cox, and Xfinity TV, while it will stream on Philo. G4 said it also has a deal with Twitch for a “promotional and commercial partnership,” while there will be some content made specifically for social media platforms and YouTube.

“G4 programming will be produced and delivered through a first-of-its-kind 24/7 broadcast studio, featuring a collaborative workplace and professional esports and gaming environment,” G4 said. “Designed by global architectural firm Populous, the studio is located in Burbank, California. Other notable design projects from Populous include Yankee Stadium, Red Bull HQ, and Esports Stadium Arlington.”

G4TV Programming Schedule:

(written by G4)

  • Attack of the Show!: The original geek culture variety show returns with host Kevin Pereira and a brand new cavalcade of misfits. Irreverent and unscripted, Attack of the Show!is a welcoming place for any fan who wants to spend a couple of hours laughing, watching epic stunts and hilarious sketches, and deep-diving into the latest trends of the internet. From hilarious web videos to memes, to streaming of all types, to celebrity guests, to the weirdest tech, Attack of the Show! is still the show that gets it before it gets out.
  • Xplay: Xplay used an extra life! The ultimate video game review show returns as a digital-first content brand that balances an authoritative loudmouth confidence with the absurdity of a public-access comedy sketch show, all while (somehow) maintaining enough credibility to book interviews with top industry luminaries. Xplay is expanding the conversation with insightful and irreverent explorations into every game worth your time: AAA, indie, mobile, VR, retro… it’s all on the table. Adam Sessler is back, joined by a group of hilarious experts, to bring a brutally honest voice to the modern gaming scene.
  • Boosted: Boosted is a weekly esports comedy series for curious gamers and esports fanatics alike. Boosted is that moment in-game when you realize you’re the worst player in the lobby. We want to revel in the entry-level as we approach gaming and esports as interns guided by our executive-level experts. Boosted will cover the latest trends, news, and tournaments in the esports world every week.
  • Ninja Warrior: The quest to summit Mt. Midoriyama returns as G4 attains the exclusive linear broadcasting rights to SASUKE, better known as Ninja Warrior in the United States, from Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS). G4 will air all 167 episodes of the legendary competition series that pits heroic athletes of all types from pro gymnasts, to fishermen, to comedians against a four-stage, formidable, and/or impossible obstacle course. G4 will also present three tournaments never-before-seen in the United States, SASUKE 35, 36, and 37.
  • ESL Gaming: G4 has partnered with ESL Gaming, the world’s leading esports and gaming lifestyle company, to produce and broadcast several prime-time esports programs, a first for ESL Gaming in the US and Canada. G4’s exclusive linear broadcast rights make it the premier destination for ESL Pro Tour events including the IEM Katowice 2022.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Limited Series: Coming off the immense success of D&D Live 2021 featuring notable celebrities like Jack Black, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Smith, and DrLupo, G4 will continue its partnership with Wizards of the Coast with an all-new, limited-run series to premiere on G4 this Fall. The series will follow four campaigns with a mix of G4 talent, veteran D&D players, and celebrities for a new generation of D&D fans.

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