Fortnite Wild Weeks Finale Makes Exotic Weapons Much Cheaper

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The fourth and final Fortnite Wild Weeks in-game event is now live, and it focuses on getting players to empty their Gold Bar accounts. With challenges earning in-game currency to be spent on things like Exotic weapons and building materials, players have no doubt amassed many Gold Bars all season, but you can’t carry them over in the new season, so Fortnite is having a fire sale.

From now until the beginning of Fortnite Season 7 on June 8, NPCs will sell items, including Exotic weapons, at half-price. That brings down the price of sought-after items like the Marksman Six Shooter to just 200 Gold Bars. Others, like the Unstable Bow and the Grappler Bow, are marked down just as much. There’s never been a better time to equip some of the game’s best weapons.

Oh my god, we're having a
Oh my god, we’re having a fire…sale.

Wild Weeks is a new invention of Epic Games and saw three other iterations over the past four weeks, each time emphasizing a particular element of gameplay to alter the flow of matches. Initially, it meant more fire items and fires that spread faster and farther. That was later replaced by more abundant and rarer fish to be caught and, most recently, Shockwave Grenades that flung players much farther. After taking last week off, Epic has revived Wild Weeks for one final gold-plated party before Season 7 and its aliens arrive.

There’s no word yet on whether Wild Weeks will return. Though the name of the event fits perfectly with Season 6’s focus on hunting and survival gameplay, Epic may intend to bring Wild Weeks back to re-engage the community down the line.

Spending Gold Bars will also tie into this week’s Legendary Quest, as part of the Week 12 challenges, which asks players to spend up to 750 Gold Bars within the week to earn hundreds of thousands of XP. Another challenge from this week demands players raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle. Make sure to complete all these before early Tuesday morning PT, at which point the game will be offline to introduce Season 7 shortly after.

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