Fortnite: Where To Visit Ghost And Shadow Ruins

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In the Fortnite Week 11 challenges, one challenge worth the customary 24,000 XP asks players to visit Ghost and Shadow Ruins. These aren’t your typical named locations, so they may be easy to miss even among the game’s most avid cartographers. Here’s where to find Ghost and Shadow Ruins so you can complete one of the Fortnite Week 11 challenges. Remember that Week 11 challenges are set to go live on Thursday, May 27, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.

Ghost Ruins Location

Head for the cant-miss shark-shaped cave to visit Ghost Ruins.
Head for the cant-miss shark-shaped cave to visit Ghost Ruins.

Ghost and Shadow Ruins are remnants from the Chapter 2 Season 2 spies theme, back when the warring factions fought for territorial control. While most of their old stomping grounds have disappeared after a tsunami, Galactus’ invasion, and the island’s time-traveling, a few locales still call back to the groups.

One such remnant of the Ghost team still stands rather prominently at the northwestern corner of the island. What’s today called Sharky Shell was once simply named The Shark, but its signature rock formation remains unmissable. You just maybe didn’t know it’s a Ghost Ruins location. Head there in a game mode of your choice to mark off half of this Week 11 challenge.

Shadow Ruins Location

Fortunately the game doesn’t require you to visit both spots in the same round, because the Shadow Ruins location is on the opposite side of the map. To find it, drop near the pool to the northeast of Retail Row. Head around the rocky shore slightly south from there to find another cave entrance, less flashy than its counterpart but still sporting the necessary insignia of the enemy faction, Shadow. Once you’re close enough to it, your challenge will update and you’ll unlock 24,000 XP instantly.

The Shadow Ruins make for a more modest location.
The Shadow Ruins make for a more modest location.

If you’d rather see both locations on the map, we’ve got that too. Remember that this is an Epic Quest, so you’ll need to visit both spots yourself. Splitting up a Duos or Squads team won’t get it done like it would if it were a Legendary Quest.

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We’ve got the full list of Fortnite Week 11 challenges with tips and tricks to help you clear your mission log. Jump in with us when the challenges go live on Thursday. In the meantime, don’t miss the ongoing “They’re Coming” ARG which looks increasingly like it’s Fortnite-related.

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