Fortnite: Where To Search The Farm For Clues – Week 4 Legendary Quest

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You’ll need to search the farm for clues as part of the Fortnite Week 4 challenges, but as is the case with most Legendary Quests this season, the game is happy to not tell you much about how and exactly where to do that. That’s why we’re going to do it for you. Follow our guide to find all Fortnite clue locations for this Week 4 Legendary Quest and you may just unravel the disappearance of Farmer Steel.

Fortnite: Search The Farm For Clues

There are three clues scattered across Farmer Steel’s farm, which is a Place of Interest just northeast and across the river from Corny Complex. You’ll likely recognize it for its plentiful corn stalks. Currently, Hayseed resides there as a stand-in for the MIA Farmer Steel, but you’ll need to find two of the three clues nearby to start to piece together the original Fortnite farmer. You can find all clues:

  • North of the farm and sitting near the other side of the river
  • Back on the farm side of the river, but still just north of the house by some trees
  • Near the red tractor at the eastern edge of the corn stalks
Where to search for clues in Fortnite Week 4
Where to search for clues in Fortnite Week 4

Remember, interacting with any two of these clues will unlock both the seasonal XP as well as the relevant story-related dialogue for those seeking more lore. Fornite in general has a greater focus on its story in Season 7, with each week’s Legendary Quests telling a new plot in the overarching alien invasion story.

With the Week 3 challenges, we saw Doctor Slone infiltrating Sunny’s pro-alien beach party, seeking to learn more about her enemy. What were her findings? Well, that’s one part about which we’re still waiting for answers, but it’s been nice to see the story come closer to the foreground this season after so many years in the shadows.

There’s still time to finish up some of the Week 3 challenges, but remember that Legendary Quests get replaced by the latest batch each week, and those go live every Wednesday at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET in Season 7. If you want to be ready to unlock Superman, you should ensure you don’t miss the plentiful XP on offer each week. Meanwhile, if you want to create your own alien and not just unlock DC’s famous hero, grab all of the Week 4 Alien Artifacts here with us.

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