Fortnite: Where To Place Warning Signs At Crop Circle

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Aliens are on their way to Fortnite–that much we know for sure now. But before they really show up in a big way for next season, another Foreshadowing Quest this week asks you to place warning signs at crop circle. This is the fourth of five Foreshadowing Quests that players can complete ahead of next week’s new season, and note that at time of publishing this challenge isn’t yet live, but it’s expected to go live very soon. If you find yourself looking for this mysterious patterns where corn used to be, don’t fret. Here’s where you can place warning signs at the crop circle in Fortnite.

Fortnite Crop Circle Location

According to dataminers, there’s just going to be the one hexagonal crop circle on the island–this season, anyway. Fortnite Season 7 is right around the corner. That means you’ll just want to head to its location inside Colossal Crops and look for the warning sign interaction prompts scattered around the named location. This is a mission for Farmer Steel, who is very upset with the “pranksters” or “aliens” he believes to be behind the disappearance of some of his crops.

Colossal Crops is named on the map, so it should be easy to drop into. Once you’re there, you’ll be hard-pressed to miss the massive grain-based art project some higher beings seem to have left behind for reasons unknown. Just in case you missed it–or just want to see what it looks like in-game, here it is.

They're coming: aliens are en route to Fortnite.
They’re coming: aliens are en route to Fortnite.

Curiously, the hexagonal pattern of the crop formation seems reminiscent of the Season 6 map, which features six mini-Spires forming a hexagonal perimeter around the central, grander Spire which currently houses The Foundation, albeit rather unwillingly. In real-life alien mythology, some who believe crop circles are signs of extraterrestrials say these formations are used as navigation, like helicopter landing pads perhaps. Without a doubt, UFOs are soon to land on the Fortnite island–though I suppose by then they’ll very much be identified. What these aliens’ motivations are remains unknown, but it’s clear Fortnite Season 7 is about to produce another massive makeover for the game’s map.

Today’s update means all five Foreshadowing Quests are now live in the game, so get in there and finish them off before the new season begins on June 8. You can also check out the incoming Week 12 challenges.

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