Fortnite Sledgehammer Quests: How To Defeat Boss Cube Monster, Find Cube Monster Parts

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New to Fortnite this week is Sledgehammer, a military NPC that focuses his big guns on Cube Monsters and asks the same of you. You can complete his new five-part quest to earn yourself 150,000 XP and add him to your collection book that tracks all NPCs and fish discovered each season. His challenges will have you exploring and exploding The Sideways. Here’s where to find Sledgehammer and how to complete the Fortnite Sledgehammer Punchcard.

Fortnite Sledgehammer Location And Punchcard Quests

Sledgehammer is a rah-rah soldier ready to go to battle against the Cube Monsters at a moment’s notice, and his five-part Battle Orders questline leaves no room for doubt; he wants loopers who are just as decisive. You’ll find Sledgehammer south of the alien crash site between Holly Hedges and Believer Beach, waiting to deliver orders nearby the Reboot Van in the clearing.

His five quests are as follows:

  • Open a chest in The Sideways (1) – 30,000 XP
  • Eliminate different types of Cube Monsters in The Sideways (3) – 30,000 XP
  • Damage Cube Monsters with a Sideways weapon (150) – 30,000 XP
  • Collect Cube Monster Parts (50) – 30,000 XP
  • Defeat a Boss Cube Monster in The Sideways (1) – 30,000 XP

Your best bet to complete all of these quests in one go will be to head to a Sideways Zone, identified on the map as the big orange bubbles where The Sideways persists for the duration of a match. These are different from Sideways Anomalies, which open briefly when activated and begin a short horde mode with a clear ending. Anomalies won’t have all you need, but Zones will. Each map will have one randomly placed Zone, so find it and head there.

With a bit of skill and luck, you can complete all five Sledgehammer quests in a Sideways Zone like that shown here.
With a bit of skill and luck, you can complete all five Sledgehammer quests in a Sideways Zone like that shown here.

Once in a Sideways Zone, look for a chest to open. In The Sideways, you’ll only find elaborate purple Sideways Chests, but just one will do. Then prepare to fight off different types of Cube Monsters. Some will run up and slash at you, others will explode into noxious gas when they die, others will hurl fireballs from a distance. There are other types too, but defeating any three types will suffice.

If you still don’t have a Sideways weapon, keep searching chests and picking up loot dropped by Cube Monsters–it shouldn’t take long at all to find one–then focus on using that weapon to deal 150 HP damage to the monsters. All the while Cube Monsters will be dropping Cube Monster Parts when defeated, but to the best of your ability, don’t pick them up until this fourth quest is active so each one counts toward your total. You’ll need 50 to complete the challenge.

For the last quest, you’ll need to defeat a Boss Cube Monster. These are the Mythic Brutes that appear only in the Sideways Zones. You’ll know them by their visible health bars that appear over their heads denoting that they’ll take a bit more effort to dispatch. Once you finally do, though, you’ll have completed every part of the Sledgehammer questline and earned another 150,000 XP.

Be sure to finish off that battle pass this month, as in December we might be heading for Fortnite Chapter 3.

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