Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull Gets Players On The Moove

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The Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull has debuted in the game today as part of a small hotfix to Epic’s ever-popular battle royale game, introducing a brand-new way for players to explore the island. The Inflate-A-Bull is not a weapon, but it might be exactly what you need to survive the Storm, as well as threats both human and AI. Here’s what you need to know about the Inflate-A-Bull.

Inflate-A-Bull: How It Works

The Inflate-A-Bull is a new inventory item you can deploy simply by jumping when it’s equipped in your inventory, similar to when a Hop Flopper is active. Unlike the Hop Flopper or chicken-gliding, the Inflate-A-Bull is not a real animal, but a balloon meant to look like a cow, which you’ll enter into head-to-toe as you bounce around the map. For those who played the Marvel-centric Season 4, the Inflate-A-Bull is most like Groot’s Bramble, a sphere that allows players to move faster down slopes and be protected from damage.

The Inflate-A-Bull will pop when shot but will also absorb those shots, protecting you from the initial volley of ammo. When popped, it won’t disappear from your inventory either. Instead, it will use a cooldown timer before it can be deployed again. The Inflate-A-Bull will also attract Saucers piloted by NPC “trespassers,” or aliens to those not in the Imagined Order, but the increased jumping ability and faster speeds may prove worth the trouble of some extra attention.

The Inflate-A-Bull can keep you from being put out to pasture.
The Inflate-A-Bull can keep you from being put out to pasture.

Where To Find The Inflate-A-Bull

The Inflate-A-Bull is not an exotic item, so you don’t need to rely on it spawning in just one place. Instead, you can find them randomly in regular chests as well as within some IO “henchman” chests which are reliably found at all satellite stations across the Season 7 map. There’s still one place you can find an Inflate-A-Bull without fail if you really want one, say, to complete one of the Week 6 challenges.

Find Rick at the Defiant Dish satellite station, east of Weeping Woods and you’ll be able to buy an Inflate-A-Bull from him for just 25 Gold Bars. It’s a cheap price for a fun new item, so even after you’ve finished the related Legendary Quest, you may want to make Defiant Dish a favored landing spot.

If you need more help with this week’s challenges, be sure to see where to place cow decoys as well as where to place prepper supplies for more Fortnite Legendary Quest XP, and don’t forget those tucked-away Week 6 Alien Artifacts, too.

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