Fortnite: How To Raid An Artifact From Stealthy Stronghold And Coral Castle

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Somewhere Gob Bluth is dancing to Europe and performing tricks illusions, because it’s the final countdown for Fortnite Season 6. The final week of Epic and Legendary Quests includes a challenge that demands you raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and from Coral Castle.

Unlike many of the other Fortnite Week 12 challenges, this isn’t one you can practice ahead of time. These artifacts don’t appear until the challenge is live, but that time is now. If you’re wondering where to find these artifacts, our guide will walk you through just where to look in both Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle.

Raid An Artifact From Stealthy Stronghold

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This challenge is made just a bit easier when you consider both landing spots are named on the map, so there’s one hassle avoided anyway. When you drop into Stealthy Stronghold, the artifact you’re looking for is a green and yellow totem about waist high on the ground. You can find it in the southwestern quadrant of the location, though still a bit close to the middle.

When you approach the totem, you’ll be prompted to interact with it, which counts as raiding it. It’s pretty simple once you know where to look, and with our map, now you do.

Where to raid an artifact in Stealthy Stronghold.
Where to raid an artifact in Stealthy Stronghold.

Raid An Artifact From Coral Castle

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The same process applies to Coral Castle, the watery kingdom which first appeared alongside Aquaman in Chapter 2 Season 3’s flooded season. Head to Coral Castle in the northwest and drop near the south of the location, entering the southernmost building once you get there. On the bottom floor and off to the left is a gray totem which once more counts as the artifact you need to raid.

Interact with it just as you did with the first one and your challenge will be complete, earning you 24,000 XP right at the buzzer for Season 6’s final week of play. Here it is on a map if you’re lost.

Where to raid an artifact in Coral Castle.
Where to raid an artifact in Coral Castle.

As is usually the case, you need not get both artifacts during the same round, though it may not be so tough this time as the two needed locales are close to one another. However you get them is up to you, but we always recommend trying in Team Rumble where you can respawn if any enemies drop in during your attempt–or worse–are already on the ground waiting to spoil your attempt.

Fortnite Season 7 is set to kickoff starting on June 8 after weeks of teasing involving alien abductions, a cryptic ARG, and some Foreshadowing Quests which may just become customary as an end-of-season mini-event in Fortnite. Time will tell for that one. In the meantime, don’t forget to wipe the slate of all remaining Week 12 challenges before the huge seasonal shift arrives next week.

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