Fortnite CB Radio Locations: How To Complete Foreshadowing Quest

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The third Foreshadowing Quest is now live in Fortnite, and it focuses on CB radios. These special challenges have players interacting with new items of interest and unraveling the mystery of UFOs and aliens suddenly circling around the island (figuratively for now). In this latest challenge, Epic says to “use CB radio,” but this is a pretty vague directive, as are actually five CB radios you’ll need to use. Here’s where you can find CB radios in Fortnite to complete this Foreshadowing Quest and continue the extraterrestrial storyline.

Fortnite CB Radio Locations

Each CB radio will only be here for a limited time, so make sure you grab these before they disappear. Also keep in mind that while there are several CB radios to be found, you’ll complete the challenge after finding five of them, so there’s no need to overdo it and track them all down. Here’s where you can find five rather isolated CB radios quickly and quietly in both map and list form.

  • On the cliffs north of Stealthy Stronghold, situated beneath a small elevated building
  • Next to a telescope-housing shack on the hills east of Craggy Cliffs
  • On the northeastern shore of Steamy Stacks before you cross the water where Castaway Jonesy resides
  • On a small patch of land in the western region of Slurpy Swamp
  • Sitting outside Apres Ski southwest of Misty Meadows
Fortnite CB radio locations are scattered around the island's perimeter.
Fortnite CB radio locations are scattered around the island’s perimeter.

To use a CB radio, approach it and follow the interact prompt. You’ll hear some chatter about UFOs and the aliens which have been teased in an ongoing ARG. Once you’ve completed this challenge, make sure you’re caught up with the rest of the Foreshadowing Quests.

There should be five total challenges before Fortnite Season 7 arrives, and this CB radio challenge marks the third to arrive in the game after two debuted earlier this week. That leaves two more which we expect to go live on Tuesday, but whenever they do, we’ll have guides ready to walk you through this literally out-of-this-world questline.

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