Forsaken Guide: How To Pack-A-Punch And Lift Lockdown In CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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Call of Duty Season 6 for Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies adds the final round-based map Forsaken, and you’ll need to complete the map’s main objective of lifting the lockdown in order to unlock other areas of the map and activate the Pack-a-Punch machine. The start of Forsaken works a little differently than your typical round-based map, so this guide is to help you get started with your first objectives.

How To Lift The Lockdown

Unlike normal round-based maps, you don’t need to turn on the power here. Instead, Forsaken requires you to follow objective markers to reach the Observation Tower and lift the lockdown on the facility.

Forsaken starts much differently than a normal map. Forsaken’s rounds are constantly progressing and zombies are going to swarm you. You need to quickly find a teleporter marked with the objective symbol on your map. The portal device will be to the left of your starting area. It doesn’t cost anything to use this teleporter, and you’ll want to interact with the device as quickly as possible. There’s about a 30-second waiting period after you interact with it while the teleporter warms up. Use the teleporter once the countdown ends. The rounds won’t unnaturally advance once you teleport from the starting zone, and then you can take time to explore.

Starting Area teleporter
Starting Area teleporter

After teleporting to the next section, you’ll want to quickly make your way to the stairs just in front of you. The main objective here is to get to the Observation Tower. The first door is marked with the objective symbol and the cost is 500 points in a solo game and 750 points in co-op.

After you buy the first door, you can drop down onto Main Street and go straight down to the last door on the left which is listed as the High Tide store. Pay 750 points in solo or 1,000 points in co-op to unlock the door. You’ll head up the stairs to the next teleporter on the rooftop.

You’ll be blocked by yet another door. This rooftop door needed to access the next teleporter costs either 750 in solo or 1,000 in co-op to proceed. Teleport to the next section and you’ll see half of the street is blocked off, and you’ll need to pay for a door to progress.

You can choose three different doors here, but any choice will cost 1,250 points (same price for solo and co-op) and allows you to access the next part of the map. This is either the Cinema, TV Repair Shop, or the Video Store Rooftop location. I suggest buying either the Cinema or TV Repair Shop doors, as the rooftop access isn’t necessary at this time.

Once on the other side of the map, continue following the objective markers to a teleporter that’s busted. You’ll be tasked with finding four parts to repair it.

Broken bunker teleporter
Broken bunker teleporter
  • 1,500 points are needed to open Burger Town and retrieve the Fryer Cage part
  • 1,250 to open the TV Repair Shop to grab the Cathode-Ray Tube part.
  • 1,250 to open the Cinema to get the Focusing Lens part
  • 1,500 for either the Video Store or the Arcade door to get the Circuit Board part in the storage room

The parts aren’t always located in the same spot, but they are easily highlighted and seen by a yellow outline. You should’ve already paid to open either the Cinema or the TV Repair Shop, so you’ll only need to pay to open three more doors.

Cinema's Focusing Lens highlighted yellow
Cinema’s Focusing Lens highlighted yellow

Take the parts back to the teleporter, repair it, and then use the teleporter. This transports you to the Bunker Entrance. You’ll be directed to a blue door that costs 1,250 points in solo or 1,500 points in co-op to proceed through the facility to yet another teleporter in the Amplifier room. However, this time you will be greeted by Forsaken’s new enemy type called the Abomination.

Forsaken's Abomination emerging from the teleporter
Forsaken’s Abomination emerging from the teleporter

The creature has three mouths, and you’ll want to shoot any mouth that is glowing. Just keep shooting the creature in its glowing mouths until it is defeated, and then proceed through the teleporter to the Observation Tower.

Once inside the tower, you’ll be notified of high radiation levels. The objective marker takes you to a button on a terminal to lift the lockdown on the facility. Zombies won’t attack you here, but you don’t get a lot of time to explore the area because the radiation will eventually kill you if you stay too long.

Accessing Pack-a-Punch

Forsaken's Pack-a-Punch machine in the Observation Tower
Forsaken’s Pack-a-Punch machine in the Observation Tower

Lifting the lockdown means you can now freely explore areas of Forsaken that were previously locked. You’ll also be able to use the Pack-a-Punch machine that’s located directly across from the terminal in the Observation Tower. The Pack-a-Punch machine is pretty standard stuff. You can acquire three levels of weapon upgrades, and there are elemental ammo mods that can be purchased for 2,000 points each. You’ll also find Forsaken’s Trials machine in the tower.

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