First Stray Gameplay Sees Evil Slugs Trying To Kill Precious Kitty

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Stray, a game about a cat wearing a backpack in a world taken over by robots, was already poised to be the most precious thing in the world before we even saw gameplay. During the July 29 Annapurna Interactive stream, however, we were given our first look at Stray in action, including a harrowing chase sequence. And we also learned as part of the event that it’s coming out next year.

After meeting a drone named B12, the cat is able to communicate with those around it, including the humans who still exist in the harsh world we wouldn’t wish on a single real kitty. It’s so harsh, in fact, that a chase soon begins as slug creatures try to consume the cat. Using B12’s unlockable abilities, the drone is able to stun them long enough for them to be defeated.

You’ll have to use your stealth and agility to make it through Stray, and according to Annapurna Interactive, you’ll also need to sometimes be “as annoying as possible.” If you have ever had a cat, you know this is a crucial element of their entire species. You can even knock stuff off of ledges to solve puzzles and claw up a leather couch like a little demon.

Stray was planned for a 2021 launch, but it’s now going to launch in 2022. Alongside the PC release, it will also be available on PS4 and PS5. Make sure to stock that backpack full of plenty of catnip toys and delicious tuna treats while you wait.

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