Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Livestream: How To Watch, Start Time, And More

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The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate livestream will take place on October 5 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. As mentioned in the September 23 Nintendo Direct showcase, this upcoming reveal will show the last character addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is, according to Nintendo, “The final presentation.”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released in 2018 and since then has received a steady supply of new characters and DLCs. What’s next for the Super Smash Bros. universe is unknown, but you can tune into the livestream to catch Ultimate’s 82nd and final new character reveal.

How to Watch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Livestream

Nintendo will stream the show on its YouTube channel, embedded above, and Twitch channel.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Livestream Start Time

The show starts at 7 AM PT and will be roughly 40 minutes long.

  • 7 AM PT
  • 10 AM ET
  • 3 PM BST
  • 12 AM AET (October 6)

What to Expect From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Livestream

The final character and their release date, as well as final Mii costumes, will headline the livestream. There are lots of rumors about which exact character will round out the roster of Smash Bros. Ultimate–popular guesses include Sora from Kingdom Hearts–but nothing concrete has been established yet.

The hefty livestream–40 minutes!–will go in-depth on the final character’s mechanics and how they’ll fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. DLC characters usually get a unique stage and music, so we should see more information about that as well.

This character will be included in the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which is a bundle that includes a total of six DLC characters. It costs $30, but if you only want to go for a single character, prices are $6 per DLC.

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