Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection Could Come To Other Platforms If Enough People Request It

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The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games could come to other platforms in the future, according to a Q&A posted by Square Enix. In the Q&A, translated by Siliconera, one of the questions was why Steam and mobile phones were chosen for the Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy I-VI.

The answer was that Steam and mobile were chosen in order to offer the games to a high number of players, since most people have smartphones. Square Enix followed up to say that if there are enough requests the games could be ported to other platforms. The Q&A also clarified that the reason the games are sold both individually and in a bundle on Steam, but only individually on smartphones, is because of the difference in the storefronts.

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The Q&A also clarified that while these versions of the games will have some new features and quality-of-life improvements, not all features from past releases will be included. The game will feature both a gallery and a sound player, with all background music available to be listened to as soon as you start the game.

Nibel on Twitter pulled out more details from the Q&A about some of the features included in the Pixel Remaster games. The game includes a new monster book, which tracks monsters you encounter and provides information about where they can be found on the map. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles will also have keyboard and controller support on Steam.

Final Fantasy I, II, and III will be available on July 28, while Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, will release later in 2021. The collection has been criticized not only for skipping out on all the major consoles but also for having some really ugly-looking font.

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