Far Cry 6 – Where To Find The La Varita Rifle And Triador Stealth Supremo

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Far Cry 6’s best gear is easily its collection of scrappy Resolver weapons and Supremo backpacks, an arsenal of junkyard weapons that can turn your guerrilla into a one-man army. During the course of Far Cry 6, you’ll get the chance to purchase this hardware from Juan and his arms dealers, provided that you have enough depleted uranium which can be scavenged from anti-aircraft sites across Yara.

There’s one Supremo backpack and Resolver weapon that can’t be bought with irradiated currency though, as the La Varita rifle and Triador Stealth Supremo require taking part in several treasure hunts to unlock. As detailed in our Far Cry 6 treasure hunt guide, you’ll need to search Yara for the locations to these mini-adventures, and to obtain Far Cry 6’s best gear, you’ll need to complete the Ida’s Triada Relic, Oku’s Triada Relic, and Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic quests in Madruga, Valle De Oro, and El Este, respectively.

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Once all three treasure hunts have been completed, it’ll be time to return to the island in Quito for the Triada Blessings mission, where you can place all three relics back inside of a cave from where they were originally stolen from.

Triad Blessings mission location
Triad Blessings mission location

Doing so will trigger an event where you’ll be attacked by the cave guardian Oluso, but once you’ve defeated the phantom panther, it’ll be unlocked as an amigo for your journey across Yara. You’ll also be rewarded with the La Varita rifle and Triador Stealth Supremo for all your hard work.

Triador Stealth Supremo
Triador Stealth Supremo

The backpack alone is invaluable for its ability to mark enemies on the map around you, but when paired with the rifle, its deadly value is amplified. On its own, the Triador Supremo will envelop you in ghostly fog and give you sight beyond sight, highlighting enemies in a wide radius. With the La Varita rifle, its special ability to ignore all obstacles will be activated, and you can safely pick targets off while hiding behind a wall. Your enemies won’t know what hit them.

They'll never see you coming
They’ll never see you coming

Even better, La Varita can be upgraded at a workbench. Invest some resources in it, and every headshot you land while La Triada mode is activated will refund a bullet back into the chamber, you can increase the optic level zoom, and any enemy that is disintegrated by its deadly ammo will leave a small firepit behind when they die.

Plus you get spooky eyes with this Supremo
Plus you get spooky eyes with this Supremo

If you’re diving into the game this week and you’re looking for some handy features, don’t forget to check out our Far Cry 6 guides, tips, and tricks hub for multiple walkthroughs on weapons, collectibles, and poultry pugilists. You can also read our Far Cry 6 review-in-progress to see how this sequel compares to previous games.

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