Far Cry 6 Guides, Tips, And Tricks Roundup (Spoiler-Free)

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Far Cry 6 is finally here after a nearly year-long delay, and the game is one of the most expansive shooters in Ubisoft’s series to date. Because of that, there are a whole bunch of things you’ll need to learn when getting started, as well as tons of different collectibles to discover and activities to do. It can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the series, and looking up a new guide every time you need help isn’t the most convenient. To give you some help, we’ve compiled together all the guides and tips we’ve written on Far Cry 6 so far, including beginner’s advice as well as guides to locate some of the most elusive collectibles.

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Beginner’s Guide

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Before you even step foot onto Yara and start taking the fight to Antón Castillo, there are some tips you’ll want to know. We explained all you should know prior to starting the game for the first time.

  • Far Cry 6 Beginner’s Guide: Tips To Know Before Starting

Unique Weapons Locations

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Like other Far Cry games, there are a number of unique weapons with tons of stopping power that you can collect in Far Cry 6. We’ve shown where to find them all in our weapons locations guide, though keep in mind that not every unique weapon is automatically the best!

  • Far Cry 6: Where To Find All Unique Weapons

Treasure Hunt Locations

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No, Skull & Bones isn’t out yet, but Far Cry 6 features a number of hidden treasure locations. Our guide shows every location as well as how you can uncover the treasure there. It’s better than $80 million buried in the New Mexico desert.

  • Far Cry 6: Treasure Hunt Locations And How To Solve Them

Roosters Locations

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One of the more controversial side questlines in Far Cry 6 involves some roosters. Let’s just say they’re itching for a fight, and you will need to track down 19 of them in order to finish the whole batch.

  • Far Cry 6: Where to Find All The Roosters

USB Drive Locations

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Another collectible type in Far Cry 6 is the USB drive, and there are a ton of them to find. Locating them all without some help can be a headache, so we mapped it all out for you in this guide.

  • Far Cry 6: Where To Find All USB Drives

How To Save

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Far Cry 6 doesn’t let you manually save on most platforms. The game uses an autosave system, but you can still force it to save when you want by using a little trick. We explain how in this guide.

  • How To Save In Far Cry 6

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