Epic Games Achievement System Is Launching Next Week

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Epic Games has announced that it is rolling out the Epic Achievements system on its Epic Games Store. Starting next week, players can begin earning XP by completing Epic Achievements in select titles.

These select titles include Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Zombie Army 4, and Alan Wake Remastered. Epic is also sending out a set of tools for developers to easily and quickly implement Achievements for the Epic Games Store platform, so more games will be supported later this year.

There are four tiers of Epic Achievements with an XP range value attached to each. The Platinum Achievement is awarded upon earning 1000 XP in a game. Bronze achievements provide an additional 5-45 XP, Silver gives 50-95 XP, Gold earns 100-200 XP, and Platinum gives 250 XP.

Games that have Epic Achievements now have a new page where players can track progress and can be displayed in their library. Epic Achievements can also be seen on game detail pages when browsing in the store too.

While the Epic Games Store already had achievements last year, they were specifically “developer achievements”, which were fully owned and operated by developers on a game-by-game basis. The new Epic Achievements system applies to the platform itself, much like PlayStation and Xbox.

Additionally, these developer achievements will not go away if developers already had them and choose not to use the Epic Achievements system. Players who have earned developer achievements in the past will still keep them. If the developer chooses to integrate the new Epic Achievement system, progress carries over and XP will be earned.

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