Does Riders Republic Have Cross-Play?

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Ubisoft’s Riders Republic–its next extreme sports game after Steep–releases in just a few weeks, and the game is available on several different platforms. In the past, that would mean splitting up the players based on the system they selected, but cross-play has made that a thing of the past in many games. And luckily, that includes Riders Republic.

Does Riders Republic support cross-play?

Yes! Cross-play is enabled in Riders Republic across all of the game’s platforms–Stadia, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. There is also cross-gen support, so those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can play each other, for example. You won’t have to coordinate buying the game with your friends to make sure you get the same version anymore, as the future is here. Well, as long as you are fine buying the game on multiple platforms.

Does Riders Republic have cross-progression?

Yes again! Because of how your Ubisoft account works–you can do something similar with other games like Watch Dogs: Legion–it’s super easy to keep your progress in a game if you choose to change platforms. Should you want to use Xbox remote play to stream the game on the go, for example, and then go back to your PC at home, you shouldn’t lose any progress.

Riders Republic is out for Stadia, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 on October 28. It supports more than 50 players and next-gen upgrades are free on the same family of systems. If you buy the Xbox One version and want to also play on a PS5, for instance, you’ll need to buy it twice.

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