Devolver Digital Teases The Release Of Two New Mobile Games This Year

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Publisher Devolver Digital has teased that it two new free-to-play mobile games to release this year, coyly tweeting, “Gonna drop a weird F2P mobile game later this year. Maybe two.”

As for what these games are, which mobile platforms they’ll be on, which studios are developing them, and what they look like, absolutely nothing is known. Will they be weird? That’s a definite maybe.

Now Playing: Shadow Warrior 3 – “Way To Motoko” Full Mission Gameplay

The year looks busy for Devolver Digital, as it also briefly teased plans for E3. This is pretty much the indie games publisher staying on-brand, as the last few years have seen it host a digital showcase that is filled with blood, game announcements, and at least one instance of trying to market its own (thankfully fictional) crypto-currency.

Some of the Devolver Digital games that are confirmed to be coming this year are Shadow Warrior 3, Weird West, and Boomerang X, which are being released in the wake of Loop Hero and Olijia.

It’s not known yet if Devolver will be partnering with the all-digital E3 2021 event that is being held from June 12-15, but that’s an unlikely pairing thanks to the turbulent history between the publisher and E3’s parent organization the Electronic Software Association.

E3 2021 will feature other big industry names such as Capcom, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Sega, and Xbox during the week it is held, although it’s safe to say that none of those events will end with a messenger from a dark future murdering the host of any of these livestreams.

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