Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost: Dates, Rewards, And What’s New This Year

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It’s the spookiest of seasons, and Destiny 2 is kicking off a few weeks of frights and chills with its annual Festival of the Lost Halloween event. Festival of the Lost will be available for free to all Destiny 2 players and will run from October 12 until November 2.

Haunted Sectors

Unlike previous years, which saw Guardians venture into Mercury’s Infinite Forest after the fright factor had been dialed up, this year’s take on the fan-favorite event will take place in Haunted Sectors on the Moon, each one populated with enemies who have had their heads replaced with more season-appropriate jack-o-lanterns.

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This also makes for easier headshot targets that explode in a shower of cranial loot candy when enough high-velocity pressure has been applied. Judging by the trailer, it looks like the K1 Revelations Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon will be home to a different type of Hive terror for the next couple of weeks.

According to Bungie, the storyline for this year’s Festival of the Lost deals with a merged Exo and Vex mind that has become something new and dangerous, as well as a Guardian searching for their lost Ghost on Nessus, forming “three new tales of terror” that fireteams can take part in. There’ll also be new lore to uncover which will be used to complete the Book of the Forgotten, while the loot available during this year’s event will be dinosaur-themed.

Weapon And Armor Rewards

The Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle is this year’s Season of the Lost weapon, and if it sticks to the tradition established by previous Destiny 2 Halloween events, you can probably expect this gun to have a full Masterwork roll if all objectives are met.

As for armor, everyone’s going to be dressed up in prehistorically fashionable gear this month when the #TeamDino ornament sets are made available in the Eververse store. You can also grind your way towards earning a Dia de los Muertos-inspired Ghost shell, and an Exotic sparrow ride that anyone with severe arachnophobia might want to avoid.

Remember, Light always finds a way.
Remember, Light always finds a way.


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