Chivalry 2 Party Patch Delayed, Will Still Release This Month

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Since launching, Chivalry 2 has been plagued with a number of bugs, most of which relate to its party system on PC. Developer Torn Banner Studios has been working on a massive patch to address these issues, as well as some others, including the game’s performance on Xbox Series S consoles. However, the patch has been delayed due to issues found in its final stage of quality assurance verification.

According to a post on Chivalry 2’s site, the problems in question are directly related to the game’s matchmaking systems. While the patch would have fixed a number of issues with Chivalry 2’s multiplayer for most players, issues are present that “would have broken the matchmaking process for a portion of the population.” To spare that group of players from a below-standard experience, Chivalry 2’s 2.0.1 patch was delayed.

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Torn Banner Studios also addressed why it wouldn’t simply release a hotfix for Chivalry 2 that would fix the game’s party system issues on PC. According to the developer, “a hotfix cannot be prepared due to the complex nature of how these patches are worked on internally (also known as branches that separate builds live on).”

Despite its issues, Torn Banner Studios is still set on releasing the 2.0.1 patch for Chivalry 2 this month.

Along with the upcoming patch, more content is also coming to Chivalry 2 soon. A new map, titled Galencourt, was revealed last month and will have players fight through the immaculate halls of an Agathian castle. A release date for the new map has not been revealed yet.

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