Check Out Apex Legends’ Spooky New Halloween Skin For Revenant

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The robotic Apex Legends character Revenant already looks somewhat scary–his nickname is “Synthetic Nightmare,” after all–but he’s getting even spookier with a Halloween skin coming to the game this week.

Not content to let Revenant simply be a murderous robot, Respawn is turning the character into a lanky, furry cyborg-werewolf with the addition of the Necro Nightmare skin. You can see Were-Revenant in action in the embedded video below.

The Necro Nightmare skin is one of 40 new items being added during Apex’s big Monsters Within event which starts tomorrow, October 12. Bloodhound also gets a ghoulish new look, while Caustic’s new skin turns the Legend into a Death Stranding-esque mad scientist with a baby in a tube on his chest.

All of the event items can be purchased through Monsters Within packs, found inside normal packs, or crafted. Monsters Within brings other content, as well, such as a new Arenas map and the Shadow Royale mode for a limited time. You can read more about Apex’s Halloween event here.

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