Chargin’ Chuck Doesn’t Need A Club In Mario Golf: Super Rush, Lives Up To His Name

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Chargin’ Chuck’s presence in Mario Golf: Super Rush raises one question: why use a 9-iron when you can yeet a ball across the green? In the Mario-ified sports title, players that pick the athletic Koopa can forgo the limitations of a club in favor of pure, unbridled brawn to get a golf ball towards the green.

Sadly, players won’t always be able to just throw a golf ball in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Instead, it seems the ability to charge up a chuck is just Chargin’ Chuck’s Special Shot, hence the name. The Koopa’s ability was shown off in a video posted to Twitter by Nintendo of America.

The clip also shows Chuck sprinting across the fairway, rushing to reach his ball. At the end, we see Chuck activate his Special Dash and dive under a Bullet Bill being ridden by Bowser Jr. That Bullet Bill is the result of Bowser Jr.’s Special Dash, which lets him surf one of the oversized ballistic bullies.

Chargin’ Chuck is just one of 16 playable characters that will be available when the game launches on June 25. Preorders for Mario Golf: Super Rush are open right now.

A recently released trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush also goes over two of its new game modes. The first, Speed Golf, has players tee off at the same time and rush to finish the hole before anyone else, even if it means racking up more strokes. Battle Golf, the second twist the game is placing on the old sport, places players in an obstacle-filled arena with the goal of winning just three out of its nine holes.

If you’re looking for more of the latest Mario Golf title, you’ll probably be able to see more during the upcoming E3 Nintendo Direct.

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