Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Making A Big Change To Time-To-Kill, See A Preview Now

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Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software is planning what sounds like a substantial update to the battle royale game that will increase the time it takes to take down opponents. In a blog post, Raven said it will release “sweeping balance changes” across the spectrum of weapons to allow for people to not die so quickly.

With the updates applied, Raven said it believes the average time-to-kill in Warzone should increase by about 60 to 100 milliseconds. That doesn’t sound like much, but every fraction of a second makes a difference in a twitch-based shooter like Warzone.

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Explaining the forthcoming changes, Raven said it wants to give players the opportunity to make action movie-style escapes against seemingly impossible odds, and currently that is less likely to happen given the existing time-to-kill averages.

“At a high level, Warzone is a game about engagements. The more time we allot to mechanical and strategic expression within engagements, the higher the ‘skill ceiling’ and the longer our personal journey of mastery,” Raven said. “We believe the frequency of those engagements and how we navigate them heavily contributes to the overall level of fun. We want to enable more escapes from impossible situations, moments of finesse, epic outplays, and opportunities to flex exquisite marksmanship.”

It added: “Due to some Weapons being far more lethal than others in their class, we feel a reduction in the efficacy of those outliers is necessary. We expect these changes will bring the average Time to Kill up by approximately 60 to 100 milliseconds. These changes will not only increase the overall capacity for skill expression, but should also introduce some Weapons into viability that have not yet had a chance to shine.”

You can see a snapshot of the forthcoming changes below, while a more detailed breakdown of the balance updates can be found on Raven’s website.

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