Call Of Duty Season 6 Battle Pass Trailer Highlights New Guns, Alex Mason

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Activision released a battle pass trailer ahead of Call of Duty Season 6’s October 7 start date, which showcases the new operator skins, weapons, and cosmetics that players can expect with this new 100-tier pass for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

As previously mentioned in the Season 6 roadmap details, Black Ops 1 fan-favorite character Alex Mason will arrive as the featured operator within the premium pass. Mason’s Alaska operator skin is unlocked instantly at tier 0, while his colorful Aurora Borealis operator skin is unlocked at tier 100.

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Today’s trailer also features the two new weapons in the free tiers of the Season 6 battle pass. The .410 Ironhide is a lever-action shotgun that is earned at tier 15, and the Grav is a full-auto assault rifle that unlocks at tier 31.

Additionally, players can earn weapon charms, vehicle skins, weapon blueprints, and more. There are also COD Points that can be earned. Up to 300 COD points are available from various free tiers, which should help with the purchase of future battle passes, and another 1,000 points are available in the paid tiers of the pass.

One interesting note about the Season 6 battle pass details is Activision mentions that something coming to the battle pass is “classified info,” but suggests to be prepared for war on October 12.


On October 12, make sure you’re prepared for war. No further intel will be declassified at this time.”

It’s uncertain what could be arriving to the pass after the launch of Season 6. The Haunting event is scheduled to begin on October 19, and Activision says more info on the event would be revealed on October 18. It could be an early Haunting event tease, or it’s maybe something that ties into Call of Duty: Vanguard, which launches on November 5.

Here are all the highlights of what’s coming to Call of Duty with the Season 6 roadmap. Season 6 content will continue for Call of Duty as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over alleged harassment and discrimination against women.

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